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The Qu are a god-like species that migrated across the universe. They evolved to be capable of bioengineering millions of years before Humanity even discovered fire.


The Qu are insect-like creatures with protruded eyes and large mandibles. They have four insectoid wings and a long prehensile tail or tentacle.


The Qu originated from the planet Puwan-2. The Qu are first referenced when the Star People find the remains of Panderavis Pandora, a calcium boned creature on a planet with copper boned creature, implying the existence of a highly intelligent race. The Star People made weapons so powerful, they could destroy stars in case this species was hostile, but it did not prepare them. When the Qu arrived, they remade the Star People in their image, kicking off the new humans era. eventually, they left the new humans to continue their conquest, starting the post-human era.


The Qu society was apparently very religious. The Qu gave themselves a mission, which was reshape and modify the entire cosmos, and that nothing or no one had the power to stop them.

They used to build mile high pyramids, that used to be in every place the Qu were on. It's known that the Qu decorated their houses/public areas/etc. with genetically modified species, but it's unknown if they also used plants or any non-living things.

It's also unknown if they had conventional filtering systems, since the Colonials were used as filtering devices as a punishment.

The Qu also had pets, their favorites being the Hedonists.

The Qu are a nomadic species, which means they travel from place to place, staying for a while in their newly conquered territories before moving to another place, maybe even letting intelligence rise in the places they left.


First drawing of the Qu, by CM Koseman in 1995